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The list maintenance program shall consist of the following activities to be performed by the Grainger County Election Commission staff as described herein:   (Adopted new revised program on September 12, 2011)
  1. Mailing a Confirmation Notice to Voters
  2. Purging Ineligible Voters
  3. Using the Verification Card or other Non-Forwardable Mailer, such as the Voter Registration Card as needed
The program described herein of  Grainger County  shall be completed every two (2) years and the purging of any voters which is based upon inactivity for over a period of two (2) November general elections since the sending of the confirmation notice shall be completed no later than ninety (90) days before any federal primary or general election in even-numbered years.  During the month of January of each odd-numbered year, the electiion commission staff shall:
  1. Identify each voter who has been on Inactive Status for a period of two (2) November general elections since the confirmation notice was sent and Purge those voters.
  2. Review election records to identify each voter who has not voted or otherwise updated his or her voter registratiion for two (2) November general elections to whom confirmation notices will be sent, and change the status or those voters to INACTIVE STATUS.
Throughout each month of each year, the election commission staff shall perform the following duties:
  1. Anytime the post office teturns, as undeliverable, information, including the non-forwardable verification card or a voter registration card,  which has been mailed to a registered voter by the election commission staff, the voter shall be mailed a forwardable confirmation notice and placed on INACTIVE STATUS.
  2. As needed, mail the non-forwardable verification card or voter registration card to voter's.  If the card does not return to the election commission office, the voter shall be presumed a resident of the address on record and shall remain on ACTIVE STATUS.
  3. The election commission staff shall maintain a seperate total of voters on Inactive status and not include the number of Inactive voters in the county's total of registered voters.
  4. Update an Inactive voter's status upon any of the activity, including, but not limited to the following:
  • Response to the Confirmation Notice
  • Change of Address
  • voting
  • Request for Replacement Card
  • Duplicate Voter Registration Application
     5.  The election commission staff shall maintain records and documentation
         related to the list maintenance program, including, but not limited to the
         date of sending the confirmation notices and a list of all voters and their
         addresses to whom confirmation notices have been sent.  Records shall
         be electronically retained and physically retained.  Also, any evidence
         documenting the reason for sending the confirmation notice must be
         maintained with the voter's records.
     6. The election commission staff shall maintain all purged records and any
         documentation related to the reason for purge for two (2) years from the
         date of purge.