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                                                                           This website is provided by the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance.  It has an internal search feature.  For election officials interested in learning more about campaign finance the FAQ (frequently asked questions) documents are excellent and very detailed.  This website is the Tennessee Ethics Commission.  This site is expanding at a rapid pace.  Statement of Interest information is located on it.  Also, it details events and provides information for registered lobbyists.           This is the website for the Tennessee Division of Elections.  Like most websites it has layers of information.  Want to know about registration numbers, election turnout data, election results, election calendar, register to vote, etc.?  The information is stored inside this site.  This website has an internal search feature. 
This is the map site address in the Office of Local Government.  This site allows a user to retrieve the County Commission District Map.  Click on the Grainger County Commission pdf map file.



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