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Helpful Tips for Filing a Valid Petition with Signatures that Count

Candidate Must:

Provide Correct Residential Address

Sign Petition

If person is a judicial candidate, Provide Supreme Court Registration Number

Circulator of Petition Must:

Have at least 25 registered voters sign the petition  (For purposes of attaining the required 25 valid signatures, county election commission offices highly recommend that more than the minimum of 25 signatures be collected.)

Have each registered voter sign his or her own Name (A printed name of someone who has registered to vote with a signature will not provide sufficient information for the election commission to compare the signatures.)

Have each registered voter provide his or her residential address.

If the person has moved to an address outside of the precinct of registration, then the person’s voter registration address will have to be changed with the county election commission office before it can be counted.[2]

A ditto mark that follows an address may be counted, if each voter has signed his or her individual name and the residential address involved is the same for the respective voter.

Ditto marks cannot be counted for signatures.  Family members who sign beneath each other must sign their own last names.  Ditto marks on a last name do not provide the election commission with sufficient information to compare the appropriate signatures.

Do not accept P.O. Boxes.  P.O Boxes will not be counted, even if listed as the person’s mailing address.

Do not allow one individual to sign for another individual.  This includes well-meaning spouses!

[1] A person is not a registered voter until the county election commission has processed the person’s voter registration application and mailed the voter registration card to the person’s address.

[2] The county election commission does not have the duty or obligation to process voter registration forms or change of address forms that are turned in at the same time as the petition.  If the person is not registered to vote already or has a change of address, the circulator will be wise not to rely upon that signature as a valid one.