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Two Federal Offices
A.  You can run for two federal offices at the same time.

B.  Federal Hatch Act - The Federal Hatch Act updated on December 19, 2012 by Congress.    Click Here
Two State Offices
A.   You cannot run for two state offices at the same time.
B.   TCA 2-5-101(f) states, in pertinent part:
       ...wherein such candidate is attempting to be qualified for and nominated or
       elected to more than one (1) state office as described in either 2-13-202 (1),
       (2), or (3) or in article V1 of the Constitution of Tennessee or more that one (1)
        constitutional county office described in article V11, section 1 of the constitut-
        ion of Tennessee or any other countywide office voted on by voters during any
        primary or general election.

State Employee - State Office
        1.  A state employee may hold any elected office other than a state office.
             Example:  A state employee may also hold the office of county
             commissioner.  However, city charters should be reviewed for any pro-
             hibitory language regarding their elected officials holding public offices
             or offices of public trust.
        2.  State employees may be governed by the Federal Hatch Act if the individual
             is principally employed by a state agency that is connected with a program
             financed in whole or part by federal loans or grants.  In this scenario, the
             state employee must review the requirements of the Federal Hatch Act
             regarding the prohibition against being a candidate in a partisan election.

County Offices
A.    You cannot run for two constitutional county offices or two countywide offices
        or district based offices that have countywide jurisdiction.
        See Attorney General Opinion No. 02-212 (January 18, 2002).
B.    County Employee - County Legislative Body
        No person elected or appointed to fill the office of county mayor, sheriff,
        trustee, register, county clerk, assessor of property, or any other coundy-wide
        office filled by vote of the people or the county legislative body, shall also be
         nominated for or elected to membership in the county legislative body.
C.   A county employee can run for county commissioner (county legislative body). 
       TCA  5-5-102(c)(1).  Both offices can be held at the same time. TCA 5-5-102(c)

County Office - State Office
1.    You can run for a county office and a state office at the same time.
       (OAG 92-66, 1992).
       (A)  EXCEPTION:  TCA 5-6-104(b) states that a county mayor may not hold
        any other public office for profit, i.e.,  a public office which receives a salary.

County Office - School Board
1.    TCA 49-2-203(a)(1)(d) states that:
       No member of any local board of education shall be eligible for election as a
       teacher, or any other position under the board carrying with it any salary or
2.    However, an employee of the school system may run for the office of school
       board without resigning the teacher's position.

Municipal Offices
City Office - County Office
1.    You can run for a city office and county office at the same time.
       EXCEPTIONS:  TCA 5-6-104(b) states that a county mayor may not hold any
       other public office for profit, i.e., a public office that receives a salary.
2.    A county employee cannot hold an office if a municipal charter prevents it.
       Example:  A county school board member wants to run for mayor.  He or she
       may run for mayor while holding their school board seat and can hold both
       offices at the same time unless the city charter prevents it .

City Office - City Office
1.    You can hold two or more city offices at the same time if the city charter
       doesn't prevent it.

City Employee - City Office
1.     A city employee may not run for city offices unless the charter ordinance
        expressly allows it.
2.    TCA 7-5-1501 --"that unless otherwise authorized by law or local ordinance an
       employee of a municipal or metropolitan government shall not be qualified to
       run for elected office in the local governing body of such local government unit
       in which the employee is employed."